Check out our website!

Check out our website!

We just launched our website – what do you think?


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    Charles Vanderwilt

    Your website is very well designed and executed, came up beautifully on my iPhone. Great photos, excellent choice of font. Menu looks great, but two questions: are you using locally-sourced ingredients, and are your fruits, vegetables, meats, etc., mostly organic/ non-GMO? All of these things are important to me and, I believe, to many people in Victoria.
    Best of luck with your new venture!

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      Hi Charles –

      Thanks for your kind words – they mean a lot! We’ve got beautiful ham from Hertel Meats, tons of BC produce, and lots more Island and BC products. Whenever possible, we choose to support our local farmers and producers. And once we’re fully in the swing of things, we’ll be using farm fresh produce to make our features such as our current BC peach tart! Thanks again.

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